Wednesday, February 1, 2017

our pre-primary girl

this morning i delivered this little girl to her new pre-primary class, where she will be attending full time! i can barely believe it, but my little girl is growing up so fast. we had a lovely surprise when we arrived at her classroom, to see her teacher is none other than her alternate wednesday teacher from last year... hooray!

what a cute kid! but seriously, do not let that sweet smile fool you, she is full to the brim of so much sass, that i am amazed it doesn't stream out her ears when she is sleeping...

here is hoping she has another great year and makes more great friends. we found out yesterday that she won't be in the same class as her two best friends this year, but i know she is strong enough to make plenty of new ones.

and just to prove it's not an issue, she and isabella found each other the minute the final bell went and posed happily for me... different classes? no problems! we've got this!

let's go 2017! ♥

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