Thursday, February 16, 2017

off on an adventure!

this little monkey and i set off on an adventure this morning! as you've read from previous posts, dougs sister got married almost a month ago and last week she took off for her new life in texas. bryans family are giving them an open house this weekend and we are going to america! we are so excited even though there was a 16 hour flight from sydney to dallas involved... and to add to the amusement we arrived in dallas at the exact time we leave sydney. talk about deja vu!

our view crossing australia...

miss maddie ready to party in the usa

she was an absolute rockstar on the flight, chatting away to me, watching movies and sleeping... she was a great little travel companion and i am thrilled to have her here with me.

texas is big and busy and we were met at the airport by bryans sister and mother who whisked us home via our first taste of american food at one of the local burger joints. i know we are going to have a wonderful time and i am so excited for the next few weeks!

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