Monday, February 20, 2017

joseph is three!

my baby turned three today... and i am on the other side of the world! it seemed like the weirdest thing ever, with madeline and i watching him open his presents on facetime, but he didn't seem to be phased, because as far as he could see, mummy was right there!

little j with his mainly cars themed haul. he was so chuffed with his little bike (thank you gumtree!) and fold out lounge. this kid is so easy to please, anything red with cars and he is thrilled. 

it is crazy to think that six months ago, he was barely speaking at all, just the odd word here and there, and mostly just grunts, to the little chatterbox he is today. i just love his bright and energetic little personality!

bless my mum, she made joseph this adorable little cake and popped a lightning macqueen on top to make it to his liking and as you can see, he was thrilled to bits!

i love my little joseph so much and can't wait to cuddle him to bits when i get back... being away from him on such a special occasion certainly wasn't ideal, but i am sure that it will be easily forgotten at his age and he won't hold it against me.  

happy birthday little one. i hope three is the best year yet and that it's full of fun, just like you! ♥

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