Friday, February 17, 2017

dallas texas temple

my first full day in america... and i am treated to this! not even kidding, after forcing myself to stay awake until 1030pm last night before i crashed, i managed to sleep through (other than waking up twice, but going straight back to sleep) and wake in the morning feeling surprisingly refreshed and ready to go. so here we are, with my first experience at a big temple... in dallas, texas. i think we could probably easily fit 4 of our little temple in perth on that block.

and it was... amazing! being in america, at a large temple, with family... and knowing once again, that no matter where you are in the world, the church is the same. the building was gorgeous, the spirit was strong... and i enjoyed every minute of being inside its walls.

its so nice to have come to weather that is a little cooler too. i wouldn't say it's cold, but it's certainly a step down from the weather back home where it is stinking hot! here it is texan winter, cool, a little overcast today and just pleasant. perfect to be outside!

i am so stoked to be here and still have to pinch myself a little to believe it's really happening! can't wait for what the next few weeks have in store! ♥

and most of all, for taking photos of all the beautiful temples that america has to offer! yay!

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