Thursday, February 23, 2017

best. day. ever!

today was seriously the best day ever! we woke up to see snow falling gently at our little basement window and i knew right then it was going to be an amazing day. with great restraint we only went outside for a few minutes, because we had something important to do... today was the day we were going to go and surprise my friend lisa reese, who had absolutely no idea we were even in america, let alone here in utah. it was so worth it. after checking in with her husband to make sure she was home (who also had no idea about this until last night, as i had been keeping it top secret with the help of her twin sister michelle) lisa (grinceri, who i'm staying with, yes i can see this is going to be confusing while i am here) drove us to her house, where we knocked on the door and waited. five years after we last saw each other, here i was ready with one of the best suprises ever. sure enough it was the best. she screamed, grabbed maddie, hugged me for dear life - and i cried. it was like something out of a dream and i am so glad that we made it happen. it had been far far too long that we had been apart and it was the sweetest reunion.

as the snow started again and lisa got her kids sorted (while probably still reeling from the shock) we madeline and i went out into the park area behind the reeses backyard to enjoy ourselves. i am so in love with snow that it's not even funny. the cold factor doesn't bother me in the slightest, i am so happy to be out in the open as it falls and makes everything white. it makes everything so quiet too and watching it fall is just so magical.

madeline in the snow. her christmases have truly all come at once. she seriously screamed this morning when she realised it was snowing outside and there was snow all over the ground.

ohhhhhhhh bliss.

lisa and i were mad opshopping partners in australia, so obviously a trip to deseret industries (or the d.i. as they call it here) was a must. it was the best day ever. pushing our carts around with our kids, catching up on the last five years - and really just being together. i can hardly believe we are in the same place!

andi and ella ♥

best picture ever on the best day ever. how happy i am to be opshopping overseas with one of my dearest friends!

lisa and i. reunited at long long last!

i am documenting this moment, purely because i know lisa will see this one day and laugh her head off. we stopped at hot dog on a stick after opshopping, cause lisa had a craving for it. she said and i quote "you can't get much more american than this." oh brandon laughed his head off later when we told him we had been there and told her that she ought to be ashamed of herself for taking me there! 

we also spent (wasted?) a few hours in the local target, so i could have my first u.s. target experience. it was great. i'm sold on it.

what a day. nothing in this world could ever possibly be better than doing nothing with your best friends. lisa i love you madly and i am so glad we have been reunited, this time in your home town. ♥

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