Saturday, February 25, 2017

a day with the stocksdales

todays adventures in utah consisted of a day with the delightful stocksdale family... we became family to brandon whilst he was serving his mission in perth, many moons ago and we have kept in touch through it all, so it was a given that i needed to see him and his cute little family while on my travels. he picked madeline and i up early in the morning, then took us to his house where we met his sweet wife sarah and adorable little girl elizabeth (ellie) before heading out to show us some of the local sights.

first up we went to byu, because let's be honest, what's a trip to utah without seeing byu... that place is huge - and amazing, and everything american colleges are made out to be... with huge stores on campus, cafes (yes i know australian universities have them too, but this was different) and it was just super cool. i was well impressed,,, especially so when after 10 (or maybe even more) minutes of looking, at a mountain covered in white snow, i finally managed to make out the white concrete y. check!

we did a drive by of the provo temple, also a must see, seeing as it's the one my brothers went through prior to serving their missions in italy all those years ago ♥

and a longer stop off at the provo city centre temple... that place is amazing!!! oh my word. built from the old tabernacle after it was destroyed by fire... it was a sight to behold - and even more beautiful in the snow!

a m a z i n g !

we also went for a stroll (not a hike, thank goodness as i still can barely breathe here and i think i would have died!) out to a lovely frozen over waterfall called bridal veil falls in the provo mountains. it was gorgeous and i loved it! 

especially the rushing river to one side which i had to drag maddie back from numerous times. no fear that child i swear it!

up the top right of the falls there are ruins from what was originally a restaurant (was struck by lightning and burned down years ago), which could be accessed by a cable car, i'm so sad it's not there anymore, it looked amazing! 

what a view. i am so madly in love with utah!

stocks and miss ellie

and sarah with madeline ♥

and me with the stocksdales! at long long last ♥

we also went up the road that leads to the sundance resort where the sundance film festival is held each year. that was awesome. we went as far up as we could... which equated to as far as the road had been plowed haha. the snow on the trees and the snow falling and the mountains and the view... i am obsessed with this place!

snow taller than me thanks to the plows! 

this all looks like something out of a fairytale... i don't know how i am going to leave. 

another picture perfect view!

we spent the evening recalling tales from years ago and laughing our heads off at things that have changed... and things that never will. how grateful i am for friends that become family... and for friendship that you can pick up again after so many years apart ♥

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