Monday, February 27, 2017

a day with spence

another day, more fun in utah, with our friend spencer who also served his mission in perth many years ago. upon picking us up and asking us what we would like to do, i replied - more temples! i haven't seen enough of them yet! (funnily enough after posting these pictures, my friend kelly wrote, "some people travel and go on a pub crawl. not our jade, she goes on a temple crawl!" haha) so off we went to the draper temple, set up on a hill in a beautiful neighbourhood with some really amazing houses!

this one did not disappoint and i loved my few (because it was snowing and so bitterly cold!) minutes that we spent going around the outside of the grounds and taking some pics. i am in camera heaven here and madeline is having the time of her life with all these temples around!

our next stop was scheels, a huge sporting goods store that we have driven past numerous times since we arrived. lisa had mentioned that there was a ferris wheel inside, so while it snowed outside, we thought we would check it out! oh. my. gosh. it was the biggest store ever. so much to look at! we, of course, went on the ferris wheel first, while spencer kindly took some pictures of us and madeline seriously looked like she had won the lottery!

huge aquariums in store...

and a giant mountain in the upstairs area, complete with every stuffed (as in taxidermy, not soft toys) animal under the sun. wow wow wow!

there was even a stuffed bear that madeline decided she and spencer needed a photo with. what a store. i totally need to bring doug here one day. he would be in sporting good heaven!

out the front with an nfl player. just for daddy.

spencer and i. it was awesome to be able to spend the day with him and catch up. 

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