Wednesday, December 28, 2016

zoo with the milnes

today we ran off to the perth zoo for the day with our four kids and loved every single minute of our time hanging with the animals. it was a gorgeous day, not too hot and as the kids skipped around and rode in the mini wagons we hired (worth every cent by the way... do yourself a favour and hire one if you ever decide to take your kids to the zoo)

i love the perth zoo, it's in a great spot, has so many fun animals and so many different places to explore. we had no problems keeping the kids entertained has never been so easy.

i mean seriously, look how happy they were!

joseph spent most of the day cruising as his dad pulled his wagon, when he wasn't trying to get to close to the newest love of his life, miss charlotte milne hahaha

as you can see, they were getting nice and cosy, look at that smoochy face on him!

we ended the day with my favourite thing about the zoo, the carousel! i have been in love with it forever and always remember the one time we went to the zoo a few years back and it wasn't running that day, i was devastated! i think i was probably more upset than madeline was. it is just so lovely, with a great history behind it if you take the time to read the plaque in front of it.

of course our day would not have been complete without a selfie of the adults that made this new squad possible. we love the milnes like crazy and are so glad to be able to have some time with them after so long apart and get the chance to make some awesome memories! ♥

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