Thursday, December 15, 2016

school christmas gifts

it has been madeline's first year of school this year and i wanted to make sure i did something nice for all the kids in her class at the end of the year. browsing instagram (as i do a lot), i came across a gorgeous page who made cute as classroom gifts, at glittergluedesigns. i especially loved her reindeer lollipop holders and snapped up a set for maddie's class here. i was so pleased with how cute they turned out.

madeline has had two particularly close friends this year also and after hearing about them day in and day out, i wanted to give them a little something too, so grabbed some cute little necklaces from lovisa and made these cards to attach them to using the free app "red stamp" on my iphone. i loved how they turned out and according to charlotte and isabellas mums, they loved them too. oh to be 5 again. it seems like the greatest thing in the world! ♥

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