Tuesday, December 13, 2016

road to bethlehem 2016

road to bethlehem (a live walk through nativity run by the seventh day adventist church in canning vale) is over for another year, and i am so glad we have made it a family tradition to attend each year. the kids (and we!) love it so much and it is so nice to do something centred on christ during this special time of year. we went with the pinker family (as we go most places...) and a new member to our crew, dominiques "friend" (i'll keep you posted if that changes haha) bryan from texas. he flew in today and so far we are all well impressed with him.

maddie is especially impressed with him, as you can see, he is tall as and is very obliging with shoulder rides.

joseph as usual found his place with uncle theron and got comfortable.

my favourite part of the night is always the last scene where we find christ laying in a manger with his parents and the stable animals. (i looooove the donkey!) this scene reminds us of the true reason for the season, that we celebrate christmas because christ was born, no matter what the world may tell us.

quick trip to maccas afterwards for some sustenance and to play with the pinkers, then home for some well deserved sleep. we love the road to bethlehem, it's one of my favourite things about christmas!

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