Thursday, December 29, 2016


i am completely and madly in love with the new disney princess movie moana. from the minute it began and i heard the first cry to the land, i just felt so emotional and such a tie to it. if you are new here and haven't followed me for long (or ever... lol. i am pretty sure family and super close friends are the only people who are following along here) please allow me to tell you about my husband douglas. he was born in western samoa, a beautiful polynesian island to a samoan mother and a father from new zealand who has maori heritage. they moved to new zealand within a year of his birth, but finally years later in , we had the opportunity to travel with our little family (when joseph was just 7 months old!) in 2014 to upolo, his family island... and spend 2 weeks there with his mother, some of his extended family (who still live there) and my parents, who were serving a mission there at the time. 

we has such a wonderful time and i think douglas finally had the chance to see where he is from and who he really is... and most of all to finally know his people. i would go back in a heartbeat ,as we have such wonderful memories of our time there. it was so good for the children to spend time in the islands and for me to see where doug was from. 

moana is based on the stories of many islands, including those of the people of samoa. i was so taken into the movie and felt such a love for the story, the islands, the songs and the people. i can't wait to watch it again. please go and see it if you haven't already and treat your children to a good story about a beautiful group of people

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