Monday, December 26, 2016

goodlet family christmas

goodlet christmas brunch this morning! we gathered in the train park in glen forrest to eat, drink (water!) and be merry. it was a great place to hang out, with heaps of fun play equipment for the kids.

grace and maddie having a cuddle

when i arrived and popped my camera on the table my two older nieces were quick to take off with it and proceeded to take all the pics you're about to see,.. i had a great time going through them and was well impressed with the shots they took!

grandad and ben 

ben and maddie... there was a whole lot of cuddling going on ♥

my little joseph, who is so excited by christmas that he can barely contain himself

i love to see my children with their grandparents, they are always so happy to see them and love their little one on ones. between their grandparents and aunties and uncles, the kids were well and truly spoiled, we are so blessed!

and i am the luckiest girl alive to have the parents that i do, i'm so glad to have been raised in the gospel knowing just what christmas means to us.

dad and zac

i can't get enough of this kid! he is such a cutie and as all children do, does the most random things...

grandad with maddie and joseph. we had sat him down and instructed him that he needed to be the patriarch of the family and hand out the gifts, so maddie made a wise crack about needing to sit on santas lap. haha.

i am totally filing away the boxing day brunch idea for next year, it worked so well i want to do it again!

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