Monday, December 19, 2016

gingerbread houses

another tradition has been added to our christmas prep as we shared family home evening with the pinkers tonight and then made gingerbread houses. what a night it was too. joseph surprised everyone by getting right into it and making a beautiful, stable house with the help of nannaleah...

madeline had a great time with hers too, but was annoyed when one side kept falling in, until aunty dom stepped in and made it look like there was a snow drift falling down the roof.

doug and i made a pretty good attempt, but our house was such a fail that i can't even bear to post a photo of it, it just wouldn't stay together and in the end, i ended up smashing it and pulling pieces off it to eat while i watched everyone else. bryan and niques made an igloo which was awesome and quite possibly indestructible...

it was such a fun night, we had the best time, especially the kids... and most of all loved spending time with our pinkers. how lucky we are to have them, and to spend times like this with them... because after all, isn't that what christmas is about?

 love, friends and family, celebrating the birth of our saviour. ♥

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