Friday, December 16, 2016

freo prison night tour

one of my gifts for my birthday this year was to attend a torchlight tour of fremantle prison with my two dominiques.i was thrilled beyond words, as i love the place - and love fremantle too! i was born there and lived there with my family until just before my 4th birthday, yet for some reason i can't explain i love to go there almost as if it were going home. i love the smell of the ocean, the old buildings, the streets, the markets and well, pretty much everything it has to offer. 

i have been for the torchlight tour a few times now, but it's always as fun as the first time you go, with each of the guide having slightly different stories to tell and showing you little things you may have missed before. i love the yards and towers by night with such a small amount of light... if only the walls could talk, what stories they would tell. we brought dominique's friend bryan along for girls night (yes we make allowances sometimes) and he seemed to enjoy himself too... i mean seriously, who wouldn't enjoy a tour of a heritage listed, supposedly-haunted, old as prison bny torchlight. welcome to australia bryan! hahaha.

locked up and loving it! we had the last tour of the night, which leaves at 9;30, meaning it was totally dark, no one following us, a little creepy and lots of fun. there are always some hidden things to spook those brave enough to take on the tour.

the main cell block. there are day tours too and plenty to see and learn about, even a tour that operates in the tunnels below the building. do yourself a favour and read some more about it here, then book yourself in for a tour. it is amazing!

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