Friday, December 23, 2016

christmas goody trays

voila! finished for another year and ready for the boys at western power to enjoy today! it's become a wonderful christmas tradition for us and i can honestly say i love making them as much as the boys love to eat them.

this year consisted of:
chocolate truffles
white chocolate gingerbread rocky road
clinker slice and
salted caramel toffee

recipes can be found here and here for the others, except for the gingerbread rocky road which i made up as i went along. it was basically: the remains of a broken gingerbread igloo,one bag of 4 colour pascall marshmallows and one and a half bags of coles white chocolate melts, melted on a low setting in the microwave and all mixed together. sounds random i know, but it was delicious!

merry christmas to our wp boys! ♥

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