Sunday, December 25, 2016

christmas 2016

christmas is on a sunday! and i love it. what better way to celebrate the birth of our saviour, than by attending church and hearing of his birth through scriptures, sharing of family traditions by members from around the world and the singing of hymns, 

i was privileged to be one of those singing from the pulpit, singing as part of a duo with my friend maddy, a sally deford song "when mary sang her lullaby". it was such an amazing experience telling a beautiful story and i loved being able to share it through song.

after church we rushed home for family brunch, to read the bible story and to open our presents, but first of course, a family photo together!

my little love dying to get into the presents

steve with a gag gift from doug and i... years ago this guy was a contestant on an australian music reality tv show. steve and doug spend hours bagging him out and asking each other about their selwyn cd and teasing each other about listening to and loving his music. so... when doug came across his cd on ebay, we had to buy it for him. as you can see, he secretly loved it. 

maddie getting into the spirit of things

bryan was pretty thrilled with what the gifts for him held... his one desire was a boomerang and santa delivered haha. i feel it important to add here that he took it outside later in the day and was actually successful in getting it to come back! i mean seriously, i am an aussie born and bred and i don't know if i could manage that! okay, let's be honest, there's no way.

joseph in complete car heaven with his gift specially chosen by daddy... a lightning macqueen with pieces that click on and off so you can play dress ups. 

what a wonderful day it was, to spend time with my kendall family and to just be comfortable together. i am so grateful today and always for jesus christ who was born all those years ago and who lived and walked on this earth. 

merry christmas! may we always remember the reason for the season ♥

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