Wednesday, December 14, 2016

birthday love

another birthday, another year older... and now i am 33! i had an awesome day being spoiled by people i love and receiving some incredible gifts. doug got me tickets to the stage production of singin' in the rain, mum and dad kindly had my wedding rings sized for me... some beautiful earrings and a ring from dougs parents and i must confess, my favourite gift arrived in the hands of my eldest niece laura, a plate of handmade star shaped, green coloured icing sugar cookies. so so cute and delicious. i was blown away at the thought that had gone into them, i love green and stars, and of course cookies!)

aniwa and myron also dropped past with this beautiful bracelet with a heart shaped tree charm attached. such a sweet gift from people who obviously know me so well! and the coolest bit? they were in a gift box with a strand of flower lights which were lit up and waiting when i opened the box. what a surprise that was!

being 33 looks like it's going to be pretty good. ♥

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