Friday, December 30, 2016

aqwa (and the mermaids!)

a day at aqwa was just what the dr ordered, so off we went for the day with the kidlets to have some fun by the beach. it has been a breeze having the four of them together... other than their own personalities sometimes leading to a meltdown or two, they never argue or get mad at each other. yes! so easy. i love seeing them so happy together.

after making our way through the shipwreck coast and the smaller tanks as you wander through the aquarium levels, we came out into the open and took the kids around the touch pool. joseph wasn't so keen, but the girls were loving picking up the starfish and getting to be a part of everything. 

but by far the best part of the day, was when we got to see the mermaids perform in the adventure bay tank. what an awesome show! two women who are very talented free divers, who have full mermaid costumes and do a show (or two) for a bunch of lucky kids. after these two full holiday week schedules are over, they'll go back to "mermaid mondays" during the summer, but i am so glad we caught it by chance... we didn't actually know it was on. the women even happily pose for photos for half an hour prior to their show so that children can meet the mermaids before they watch them.

as you can see, it's a cool way for the kids to spend some time chilling at aqwa. 

we are loving having the milnes here and i know already we are going to be so sad when they leave us... here is one more of our kids, acting as normal as they can hahaha. ♥

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