Wednesday, November 23, 2016

kringle mingle

today we had part one of our relief society activities for the christmas season. our activities co-ordinator came up with an idea of doing something called host or coast, which enables 4 sisters to host an activity during a chosen week, which in turn allows more sisters to attend an activity as they are all on a different date and time. hence the name host or coast, as we can either host an activity or coast between them as we choose. each this time had a christmas activity (the one i attended had a pass the parcel, each layer had a piece from a nativity set - and whoever opened each piece, got to tell what that piece meant to the christmas story. that was a lovely way to spend some time together.

after that, we had an amazing lunch, full of goodies we had all brought along  and some extra special dishes prepped by the ghergori team for us. it was so good! as you can see, it made us all pretty happy (and full)!

lastly, we exchanged our secret gifts. the instructions on the invitation had said to bring along one of your favourite things wrapped in brown paper. i took some of my handmade earrings (totally allowed, earrings are definitely one of my favourite things!) and ended up with two mangoes. i was completely stoked!

it was a lovely morning spent with some of the sisters from our ward. such a great idea and a lot of fun.

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