Tuesday, November 29, 2016

dye time

i have been wanting to try and dye some clothes for quite some time, i've always seen clothes i liked that just weren't the right colour... and thought oh c'mon, it can't be that hard to change them... but have never done anything about it. until today. i bought the above dresses (left hand one is mine, correct colour shown below, i have zero idea why it came out pink in this pic, and the other is for maddie, maybe next year) and love them both, but hate the colours. so... let's fix them!

actual colours (if you can't see, very pale yellow, but a fluro shade and beige - washes me out more than usual haha)

i bought this dye from ebay... here

and got to work... just followed the instructions... dissolve the dye, add salt... so on... and then stirred them around in it for the next hour or so.

ta-dah! the finished product. well. the verdict. 
1. i knew they wouldn't be navy blue as there was pre-exisiting colours going on
2. apparently some types of fabric do not take dye whatsoever. this includes the thread used and the zip on maddies dress and the lace trim on mine
3. the colour of madeline's is much bluer, my dress came out sort of a periwinkle colour

i am happy with them both and certainly will attempt some more in the future

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