Saturday, September 3, 2016

zara is 4

maddie's friend zara turned four today and we went to her birthday party at the cuddly animal farm near our house. we think she is pretty special, and seeing as she and doug share a birthday, it just adds to her awesomeness ♥

her birthday theme was a unicorn one and our little miss insisted on busting out this gorgeous pink and gold unicorn shirt. too cute! we started by attempting to handfeed the guinea pigs and rabbits from the buckets and trying to give the friendlier ones a cuddle.

zara was a little braver than maddie so she held, while maddie patted haha.

too cute! ♥

there were free train rides

which the kids loved (don't believe josephs face here, he had a good time, honest!)

and a carousel, my favourite! no matter how old i get, they still excite me :)

and of course some amazing food at lunchtime from the vincent crew

i mean seriously, look at this rainbow cake, was just as delicious as it looked!

cake time! yummmm

maddie and her new buddy isaac (zara's cousin), who were inseparable at the party... maybe we should all hang out more often!

having a cuddle of baby marlee with zara's aunty lauren ♥

happy birthday zara! we loved spending your birthday with you! ♥

and happy birthday to doug. we love you! thanks for hanging out at a kids party on your birthday :)

and just because we are nutters, here is the kendall crew 


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