Thursday, September 22, 2016

one year down!

monday marked one year in our kendall dream house and i was so proud of myself, because the photo wall was done with two days to spare! i promised doug when we moved in that i would have it done before we had been here a year, so i realised a few weeks ago that i would have to get my act together if i was going to make the deadline.

when we moved in, the previous owners had kindly left their frames in place for us to have... and i was so grateful, as it was done beautifully... all perfectly spaced, aligned, matched... every ocd's dream. also amazing as i would have had to a) find new frames that perfectly fit into the spaces that were left, or removed all the screws, filled, sanded and repainted the wall. ummmmm, nobody has time or patience for that!

so onto etsy i went. i had a rough idea of a few prints i wanted to purchase, and got looking for the family proclamation with the option of adding our own wedding photo, the thirteen articles of faith and the living christ (the testimony of the twelve apostles) my search came up great when i stumbled across lemons that are pink on etsy, who had all three prints that matched, but was willing to go the extra mile and create me a custom family proclamation to match them. yay! i was completely and utterly amazed by her customer service and attention to detail, as all three prints came out beautifully, were sized perfectly to the measurements i gave her and she sent 3 proofs of the family proclamation with ever so slight changes, with no problems at all. i highly recommend samantha... she's the best!

i am so beyond happy with the wall and how it turned out. i couldn't help myself for the first few days, i would just go into the hallway and stare at it. so happy! 

a picture says a thousand words... but this wall says a million ♥

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