Sunday, September 4, 2016

my dad ❤️

if you've not had the pleasure of meeting my father, i hope that one day you do. he is an absolute gem. he always knows exactly the right thing to say at the right time and is loved by everyone who knows him. i loved him as a child and love him even more as an adult, now that we can have twice as much fun with bad jokes and terrorising the rest of our family.

we drive mum crazy with our obsession of pulling terrible faces non stop while we are face timing... and i love that he is always keen to take ugly selfies with me too. i just love him, everything about him - and i am so glad he is mine and that my children get to enjoy him as much as i did (and still do)

us four children have always loved to attack dad at every possibility and today on fathers day... doug gleefully took aarons place while i got my camera out to make sure we could remember yet another crazy day in the goodlet house, with dad, the original man of the house - right at the centre.

i am proud to say that this little one is definitely a goodlet... car mad and intently reading the street machine mag he found on the coffee table at jareds. hilarious.

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