Monday, September 19, 2016

increasing faith in jesus christ

this weekend, the dianella relief society six week program "increasing my faith in jesus christ" came to an end as sisters from each ward in our stake (including kalgoorlie ward, who had driven all night!!) met at the temple at 6am (yes, am) to reflect in the grounds, before a 6:30am testimony meeting in the relief society room, breakfast together then a temple session. emotions were strong and many tears were shed as a combined group of sisters spoke of their experiences during this period and how we had felt as we studied and learnt more about the lord and ourselves.

to be with that many sisters and to share time with them in the temple afterwards was something i'll never forget. i was brought up in the gospel by a strong and faithful mother, which i am eternally grateful for, as it gave me something to learn from and aspire to. i do know as well, that there was  amazing example set by my two grandmothers who joined the church independent (at the time!) of their husbands and embraced and loved the gospel, setting an amazing example for their children and also for me, as their granddaughter throughout my life, as i hear the stories of their lives from my own mother. 

i love that my daughter will now have that too, two grandmothers strong and faithful in the gospel, guiding her on the path of truth, back to her father in heaven. i am eternally grateful for my membership in the church and for the relief society... i know i am on that path and i am determined to stay there. ♥

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