Thursday, September 8, 2016

aqwa with the pinkall crew

we hit up the aquarium earlier this week with some of the pinker crew and as usual had the time of our lives... lots of noise and laughs from the kids and non stop chatter from the rest of us.

madelines new favourite thing at the aquarium is the pineapple fish... and insisted on having some photos with them

then one pretending to look out to sea

before having some pics with her little brother in front of the whales tail.

i had a cuddle with the starfish (my favourite thing in the world!)

and actually managed to get my husband to smile.

we went for food afterwards and then had icecream at cold rock, where maddie swung a little too quickly on the chair and i got this epic photo of her. the kids are just too darn cute.

a day with the pinkers is always a good one! ♥

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