Monday, September 5, 2016

a day for dads ❤️

this guy i married ten and a bit years ago... the dad to my kids, is pretty freaking awesome and i want to tell you all about that today. the kids love him so so much and when he is playing with them, or even just talking to them, all i can hear is squeals of laughter and utter delight. i certainly picked a good dad for them,

we bought doug a top from each of the kids and they were presented to him by these two, madeline wearing his and joseph carrying his along (little kid is so stubborn!!) it was so cute to watch them handing them over.

madeline made doug this yummy bow tie in primary yesterday...

and today doug arrived home from her fathers day morning at the kindy this morning with this adorable card and keyring that they had made for the dads. so so cute! 

we love you daddy! ♥

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