Friday, September 16, 2016

a birthday treasure hunt

doug is off tonight to put his birthday present to use, flying to brisbane to spend a long weekend with his best mate james. it's been quite some time since they have seen each other and i decided enough was enough and sent him off. he was so stoked and i am really glad that we made it happen. 

i wanted to make it fun for him to find his present, so i made a treasure hunt around the house...

where is somewhere
you might sit and think
and watch a movie -
and have a drink?

at the end of a very long day,
we read these to the children,
then sit and pray ♥

in samoa people are never dumb -
and they always dance to the beat of a drum...

live, love, laugh, sing
on the wall is hanging a picture thing

a day without cooking
is your good wifes wish
but she is always using
a casserole dish

your children can't cook
although they might think -
you'll find your next clue
under their kitchen sink

daddy we know you have so missed your friend -
but today we have decided that will come to an end! ♥

we hope you enjoy your holiday, have the best time!! 


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