Tuesday, August 30, 2016

ward talent night

a ward talent night? i haven't seen one of those since i was a kid and certainly can't remember actually participating in one. haha. so when it was announced and i thought i had better set a good example and sign up to do something... i can sing, but that didn't seem to be exciting me as for once i wanted to do something challenging. so flute it was! 

i learned to play the flute when i was 10 at primary school and played it up until my final years at high school, but haven't really played it too much since, other than busting it out on the odd occasion to see if it still worked.

so maddy (pictured above) and i did an arrangement of "did you think to pray?" and it was fun! i am so glad i did it and feel inspired to practice more in the future. :)

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