Wednesday, August 3, 2016

the frock exchange

we had the most incredible relief society additional meeting on the weekend, the frock exchange. our additional meetings coordinator like me, is an opshop lover and had a brainwave of having a frock exchange, to allow the ladies in our ward to bring along their awesome but unworn items and trade them with someone else. i was in opshop heaven... even more so because there was no money required :)

we did have a monetary system that consisted of one button per item checked in, which we then used to "purchase" other items at the end of the evening. 

and a fashion show covering the eras from 60s - now with these epic modest dresses loaned to us for the evening from omika australia worn by some awesome volunteers from our young women and young single adults. 

as you can see, our crew made an amazing amount of effort creating a store and a cafe and i was just blown away when i walked in and saw it all set up. i mean seriously, our activities coordinator even went to the effort of having vintage look signs painted up to place around the hall.

and it's no secret the we mormon ladies love to bake... and just look at the spread we busted out on the evening!!

it was such an incredible night, i can't even tell you how good it was. huge props to the ellenbrook ward additional meetings committe ♥

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