Monday, August 1, 2016

ice skating!

we had our first kindy birthday on saturday, for madeline's friend isabella and maddie thought all her christmases had come at once, because it was at the ice skating rink!! she is forever asking if we can go ice skating and was thrilled to bits to finally try it out. it has been about 17 years since my last ice skating adventure (back in young womens) and i am proud to say that i didn't fall over once. it certainly took effort to stay on my feet and not end up on my butt, but i managed it.

i forever hear about isabella and charlotte, "my best friends mum!" and today i saw the three of them hanging out together, laughing together and having the time of their lives, so i quickly snapped this pic of them. i love knowing that maddie has made friends at school!

we loved ice skating and can't wait to go again!

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