Saturday, August 20, 2016

a trip to the temple

still on my (at least) once a month for this year temple commitment, we went to the temple last night with dougs parents and it was beautiful. what a blessing it is to experience the beauty of the sacred ordinances therein and to share it with members of our eternal family. during a recent relief society lesson we had, the teacher asked us to picture ourselves in the temple with the people we would most like to share that with... and of course 99% of us thought of members of our family. i love that this gospel enables us to spend not only this life, but eternity with those we love.

we hit up the local nandos for some food afterwards and snapped this pic to make sure that dougs sister dominique who is still on her mission in nz, could be part of the fun. i bet she'll be thrilled. haha.

and here we are... my mother in law and i, as i introduced her to snapchat. i seriously love this pic ♥

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