Saturday, July 9, 2016

pineappeline is five

today we threw a pineapple party... yes you read that correctly. this year when i asked miss madeline what she wanted for her birthday, she responded very quickly, a pineapple party please mum! well. a pineapple party it was! it was a good challenge for me and i had lots of fun putting it together

we have been lucky until this year, it has never rained on her party day, even though it's in the middle of winter, but this year we were not so lucky. apart from the 10 or so minutes which we spent outside taking these pictures, it was raining, dark as and stormy outside!!

i fell in love with this dress from flamingo tease kids when it was released a few months ago and after watching it for ages, it went on sale and i snapped it up for the party (and a million wears afterwards i hope) we also gave madeline a pineapple necklace to wear with it, she got these cute as boots from her grandma... and we made her a sweet little crown out of green paper to wear for the day, totally appropriate seeing as the invites said: be a pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside

i spent hours cooking and icing these pineapple cookies this week (and i may just be a little proud of them) you can check out the process and the recipe here. (pineapple cookie jar was picked up at target on clearance earlier this year for $5)

drinks were easy... 5l drink dispensers, the one on the left had water with lemon and pineapple pieces... and the one on the right had 4 x 1.25l bottles of the coles brand fizzy pineapple drink. excellent choice at 75c each, the whole thing cost me just $3! (straws from ebay here)

decorations were easy, the tablecloth is one of my doona covers, 3 honeycomb balls from kmart (80c a piece) with a piece of green paper cut to make a crown, bunting from the local cheap store (the green one is left over from joseph's first birthday!) then helium balloons done this morning with the assistance of a helium tank from spotlight, an awesome purchase!

pineapple serving dishes also from target ($3.50 each) i made my usual brownies and glued a pineapple lolly to the top of each one with a dob of icing and a few other yellow and pineappley looking options...

and as usual, my best friend delivered with this gorgeous pineapple cake! madeline was so excited about it and the topper was such a good idea, simply the top cut off a pineapple with a mini gold glitter hooray sign from kmart. forever grateful that i've never had to make a cake yet, love you jen!

i was so pleased with the lolly jars... they were so simple, but looked awesome. empty glass jars saved up for the last few months, with a photo print in each... with a piece of chinese pineapple cake (looked awesome, had a pineapple printed on the packet) allens pineapple lollies, a balloon, bouncy ball, mini slinky, a fruit eraser, coconut lollies (with palm trees on the packaging) and a teeny gold pineapple ring from ebay (14 of them for just $12, can't go wrong!)

because of the weather i had to be inventive and ended up having just two games, a colouring contest with a gorgeous pineapple colouring page i found here (i was clever and told the kids it had to be a rainbow pineapple) and pass the parcel. prizes found on ebay here, pineapples of course!

we had such a wonderful day with family and friends and madeline was just beside herself with excitement the whole day

i mean seriously, doesn't this face say it all?

i can't believe that just two days from now our little girl will be five!

happy party day pineappeline! 

making a wish... i wish every day could be as fun as today was little one! ♥

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