Thursday, July 14, 2016

my top 10 op-shop tips

my current favourite opshop is the good sammys mega barn in canning vale (44 bannister road if you are lucky enough to be a perth native!) and my mum and i hit it up earlier this week and got a pretty epic haul. their clothes are priced by the kilo (weird yet excellent) and we got 96 pieces of clothing between us for $82, woop woop. this pic is just my share.

it is no secret to anyone that knows me that i love to opshop... i'm forever being asked for tips of where to go and how to find the good stuff - so here is my 10 best tips to getting the best of the opshop and the best of your day!

1. take cash. always take cash, because not all the opshops are going to be equipped with modern technology like paypass and often it's the best (and cheapest!) ones, hello local parish opshops!
2. do not wear those awesome zip up boots you love, or lace up shoes or anything difficult that could make the day harder than it is. wear a simple dress or jeans and a tshirt, with flats, no laces, no zips, there's no time!
3. take baby wipes or hand sanistiser or something to clean your hands (this should have been my number one tip!) and clean them whenever you leave an opshop. things are not always clean and ew, germs!
4. check that the zips work in whatever it is you are buying. the number of times i have gotten home and realised a zip didn't work (a total of one, before i realised i needed to check them everytime)
5. take a friend! your mum, your best friend, but never someone who is the same size as you! this person must not be able to find something perfect in your size that they want, that just wouldn't be right! they are there as a wing man, to find something and say ooooh i love this, but it's your size. you get me?
6. dig. dig and dig some more. do not be afraid to do so. the best bargains are those that have not yet been uncovered... the ones that were waiting there for you!  so what if your hands get a little dirty? you have hand sanitiser! (see tip 3)
7. go country! they have the cheapies! low rent (normally out the back of a church) and brimming with bargains and "fill a bag for x amount of dollars" days
8. don't take your kids! hahaha. if you can find a sitter, run, opshop and be merry. let the grandparents enjoy them for the day
9. if it's super cheap and amazing and cannot be left there but isn't your size, think of someone that it will fit! the possibilities are endless
10. smile and chat to the volunteers. chances are if the items are not pre marked with a price, your dazzling smile will knock off a few dollars from your total

but most important, have fun! i'll be thinking of you all next time i'm grabbing the bargains! ♥

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