Monday, July 11, 2016

madeline is five!

i can hardly believe it and my mummy heart is aching when i think about my little teeny girl growing up so fast right before my eyes, but she is whether i like it or not so i may as well embrace it.

little miss woke up this morning to a number 5 tshirt hanging on her dresser, which she quickly threw on and rushed to my room, asking when she could open the presents on the table. i was so happy with her little set up, complete with helium balloons (seriously, go and buy yourself a helium tank, best investment ever!) and cotton on kids crown printed wrapped gifts ♥

she loved everything with great gusto and thanked us about a billion times while opening them, clearly doug and i got it right. (it's so easy when they are this young! please don't grow up!)

i think my favourite was the ruby red shoes book, we love rrs in this house, if you haven't read it yet, i highly recommend you do, quick smart. 

this house has been full of sick people and coughing and germs all week, so we had to compromise on maddie's request of going to see a movie... by hiring one here and watching it on the big screen. she chose zootopia and we sat on the recliners and drank lemonade and ate hot chips while we did so. she was thrilled to bits! we ended our day with tacos, singing happy birthday while maddie blew out candles on a cupcake... cuddles on the couch, reading ruby red shoes and then putting an exhausted five year old to bed.

i still can't believe she is five! but i am so happy to be her mum and have a little best friend following me and asking a bazillion questions everywhere i go! 

happy birthday miss madeline beth kendall ♥

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