Friday, June 24, 2016

family temple night

my brother aaron is here from qld for just a few days (work sent him over) and we tried to organise another family temple night with all of us again after we loved the last one so much. jared and donna have taken off to kalgoorlie for the weekend and dougs mum had asked him to take her somewhere, so it ended up being just mum, dad, aaron and i. 

it's amazing how much stronger the spirit is in the temple when you attend with people you love - especially your family. it makes me so happy to see my oldest brothers active and strong in the gospel and to see them happy. but i am most grateful to know that when this life is over, i will be able to spend eternity with my family. my husband... my children... my parents, my brothers and their families. and it is this place, the temple that makes it all possible. being sealed as a family, being married for eternity... is such a beautiful thing to be sure of who will be by your side in the future, as long as we are faithful and obedient. and really that's a small price to pay isn't it!

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