Sunday, June 12, 2016

emma's baptism

that little girl who just turned eight got baptised today! i can barely believe it, it feels like just yesterday she was a baby and here she is eight years old!

before her baptism my mum gave her a gift to open, which had a heart shaped silver locket inside. she had given both emmas older sisters, laura and grace one on their baptism day too... and as a surprise for emma, the girls had both worn them. it made mum and i all teary (i got one for my baptism too!) and so grateful for family and for tradition. 

my three beautiful nieces ♥

emma kate and her proud as punch date, my oldest brother

and with her mum

and the goodlet family... amazingly the best pic of them we have had in years and unlike the times we have tried, it was completely unplanned... more of an "everyone get in and hurry up" photo

emma kate, i think you are great and we are so so proud of you! 

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