Saturday, June 11, 2016

emma kate i think you're great is eight!

our littlest niece emma kate turned 8 today and had a "enchanted woods" party for her friends... so of course madeline was invited too!

donna did an amazing job setting up the place into different lands, including winterland (full of white bunting, lanterns, sticks etc),take what you want land (outside with a treasure hunt and a game to eat donuts from strings) and lastly, birthday land, where we ate treats and this gorgeous cake!

i love homemade, cute, fun cakes and this was adorable!

emma had requested that aunty jade bring her props for a photobooth, so i took photo after photo of her and her little friends posing away and i laughed and laughed at their serious little faces digging for more things to put in their pictures, before they all started laughing again. i just love this picture of emma, i feel like it has captured her perfectly

and miss madeline, always the life of the party ♥

of course there were games, lots of squealing and dancing

and donuts on strings

it was so much fun, so relaxed and awesome to watch all the kids enjoying themselves

as per goodlet tradition jared tried to get a decent fire going, but didn't have much success as it had been so wet... i love this picture of him trying desperately to get it going

and last but not least, the birthday girl with her cake. she is such a little doll. it is such a pleasure to be her aunty and to share all the good times with her ♥

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