Friday, June 3, 2016

disney on ice: magical ice festival

disney on ice, we love you!! this year is the third time madeline and i have been to disney on ice at the perth arena and all i can say is wow! they just keep getting better. this year was no exception and we loved every minute of the show.

doug and i bought madeline an "elsa" dress a few weeks ago to surprise her with before the show. she was so excited and her little face lit up as she squealed "is that for me? did you buy it?" and ran to grab it from doug and put it on at lightning speed. (well my love, i certainly did not stay up for the last few weeks sewing it for you haha)

it added that much more fun to the night to be dressed up as a princess, especially when we referred to her as your royal highness all night. she was loving the attention!

she was so excited though, when she saw that i had dressed up too. i was about to put on jeans and a tshirt when i decided last minute that it would be fun to dress up too and pulled out my red skirt and minnie ears that i had stashed in our dress up box. it was a winning combination and madeline was very excited about it. oh mum! you're minnie!!

i love this girl so much it hurts

my minnie get up haha ♥

my favourite this year was tangled... if i could possibly pick a favourite disney movie, i think that would be mine. i love the lanterns, the songs and most of all the sarcasm. best disney prince ever!

mads was also super excited to see the frozen section. what little girl wouldn't be. especially when we saw the signs in the foyer saying that next years show is frozen on ice. wild horses couldn't keep my girl from that one!

elsa doing her thang... let it gooooooooooo

maddie kept asking where her friends were (we went in a group last year and she was missing her little mates) and as the most crazy thing ever, we ran into them across the road when we headed to the car.

it had been ages since they'd seen each other last and it was quite the reunion... i love how much they love each other!!

a photo with the chicks... what an awesome night!

we love you disney on ice!! see you next year! ♥

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