Tuesday, June 14, 2016

a talk on repentance (and meaningful baptism gifts)

my littlest niece emma kate was baptised on sunday. it was such a lovely day, a beautiful service and awesome to be with our family on such a special occassion. we are so proud of her decision to be baptised and i took great care in choosing appropriate gifts for her day.

we bought her a gold journal, (which even had gold edging to the paper, from woolworths of all places!) a miniature leather bound hymn book to go with her new scriptures and an "always there for you" angel. i thought the angel was a perfect baptism gift, seeing as you receive the gift of the holy ghost after you are baptised and you are promised that he will always be there for you if you are true and faithful.

miss emma kate opening her presents

emma asked me to give a talk on repentance at her baptism, which i happily did... i found this amazing talk online here, which i adapted a little to suit. it was so fun and i think it's a wonderful way to teach the principle.

Hi everyone! I’m Emma’s Aunty Jade and I am here today to talk to you about a special thing called Repentance.

When we came to earth, we were pure and perfect - just like this egg. (Show a hard-boiled egg.) But all of us make mistakes. We do things that we aren’t supposed to and that makes us dirty. Maybe we disobey our parents. (Colour a scribble on the egg shell with a whiteboard marker.) Maybe we get into a fight with our brother or sister. (Colour another scribble on the shell.) We may even tell a lie (colour another scribble). All these things leave their mark. (Show them the egg) What do you think of the egg now? Would you want an ugly egg like this?

Heavenly Father wants us to live with Him again but we can’t if we are covered in sin. That is why He gave us the gift of baptism. (Using the spoon, carefully lower the egg into a jar of water with a large squirt of domestos [bleach] mixed into it.)

When we are baptized, Heavenly Father erases our sins. We come out of the water pure and perfectagain. (Wait until the marker dissolves completely then remove the egg, wipe away the water and show them the white shell again. [It’s a good idea to have baby wipes on hand in case all the maker doesn’t come off, you can remove what’s left with the baby wipe as you clean it off/dry it] Then show them the egg.) But after we are baptized, we still make mistakes, don’t we? We still do things we aren’t supposed to.

We may watch a movie we shouldn’t watch (scribble on the shell with the marker). We may say something mean or unkind to our brother or sister or maybe even to our parents (scribble on the shell again). All these things will make us dirty again.

So what can we do? We can’t get baptized again. That is so sacred and special we can only do that once. That’s why Heavenly Father also gave us the gift of repentance. He lets us repent so we can be clean again. Repentance means we stop what we are doing. (When you say the word ‘stop’, hit the hard-boiled egg on the table to crack the shell. Roll it around a few times to further crack the shell.)

Then we have to do something that is kind of hard. We have to change. We have to get rid of the bad things in our lives. (Start peeling the egg.) It takes work to remove those sins from our lives but we can do it. When we are willing to change who we are and get rid of the bad things in our lives, then we can be pure and white again. (Show them the clean and peeled egg.) That is what Heavenly Father wants. That is why He lets us repent and change. He knows repentance is good for us. He wants us to repent so we can be pure and live with Him again.

I am so thankful for the gift of repentance and being able to make myself clean again each time I do something wrong. I am so grateful you’ve chosen to be baptised Emma and that we’ve been able to share today with you.
I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

(side note, if you do choose to do this talk (even as a primary lesson?), it is probably best that you have a second egg that's already peeled and you know has come out clean and smooth. my egg didn't peel so well and i ended up having to hold it to show one small smooth spot. it would have been much easier and effective to reach down to "peel it into something" and quickly swapped them over)

it was a success! emma and all the other kids loved it! thank you internet!

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