Tuesday, May 31, 2016

baby jacob is 1

today we had a birthday party for the cutest one year old i know. baby jacob turned one last week and so i helped jen put together a dr. suess first birthday. jen as usual, pulled out all the stops with making this epic cake, with a hand drawn cat in the hat on top. winner!

baby jacob was in a fabulous mood, which is always good when you are dealing with a one year old and a long day, here he is, looking darling with his cat in the hat hat in our little photo booth

i just love him!

getting into the spirit of things

the macqueen family ♥

jacob and his car, laughing the afternoon away

cake time with mum and dad

happy birthday little one! what a joy it has been to get to know you and love you for the last year ♥

it may have been jacob's birthday but we got a gift too, these amazing cookies from petit cakes, worth every penny... they were awesome!

can't wait for the year ahead little man!

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