Thursday, May 5, 2016

mother's day pamper morning

today i was pampered by my little madeline, during a mother's day pamper morning at her kindergarten. she is so blessed to have two beautiful, understanding women as her teachers who go out of their way to ensure the children (and mums!) feel special and loved.

we arrived to a sign on the gate as we enetered, wishing us all a happy mother's day

and a tea/coffee and muffin station (this mummy thought ahead and brought along a hot chocolate sachet haha) where maddie made me a drink

inside the classroom there were stations set up for our little ones to pamper us... madeline gave me a hand soak and massage

she painted my nails... (thank goodness for nail polish remover) we made a cute necklace for me to keep together (filing away the idea for future reference, patterned paper straws cut into pieces to make beads) and she gave me a three second shoulder massage. looks like her attention span is as long as mine hahah. (there was a hair styling and foot spa station too) it was just the cutest thing and i felt so loved!

and as we left, we each got some handmade bath bombs. this anti bath mama may just have to try them out because they look really cute. all of our childrens artwork was displayed by the door, thank goodness she said something nice about me! 

this mum gig can be pretty tough. but it's days like this that make it all worth while.

i love you miss maddie. thanks for making me a mummy! ♥

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