Sunday, May 1, 2016

hilltops hoods restrung

saturday night was like a dream come true. i have been majorly in love with the hilltop hoods for years, ever since the release of their restrung album, which was produced by using their music and instead of the regular backing music, it has been replaced by a full orchestra. doug loves hip hop, i love orchestral music, put them together? wow!

the show was incredible from start to finish, with so much energy from the hilltop hoods and that something different that was provided by the orchestra. no word of a lie, i could have listened for hours and hours if they had have kept playing. it was well worth every single cent and i just hope they continue to release more restrung albums along the way and keep doing the tours that way as they seriously have the wow factor.

such an amazing show. it was the end of the line for the tour (and five years of touring for the band) but seriously if you ever get the chance to see them live... do not miss it!

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