Sunday, May 8, 2016

a day for mothers ❤️

sometimes being a mum is super hard. this past week has been a bit that way... joseph had school sores a few weeks ago (how we have no idea, as madeline's school had sent home a few notes warning about them and they are highly contagious, yet she never got them!) and although he had antibiotics and his face cleared up, after wiping his face and cleaning him up and trying to get him sore free, his face has become red, dry and raw. he doesn't want to be touched, he is cranky and just not himself. last night he woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep... then he spent most of today being pretty just, disagreeable. so mother's day was not as fun as it could have been.

but i am so, so blessed. i have two (generally) healthy kids, i have a family that loves me... an amazing mother in law and mother of my own and countless blessings, every single day!

this is pretty much the truest thing i have ever read... i know i would be completely and utterly lost without my mum. she is such an amazing woman and i owe everything i am to her. if i am lucky enough to become half the woman she is, i will certainly be doing well. she truly is the most talented, beautiful and kind person i know.

mothers day just wouldn't be right without some photos of the kids... so here you are... please excuse poor joseph's face! :( i love you my babies. thank you so much for making me a mother! ♥

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