Wednesday, April 20, 2016

vegan pumpkin pie

a recipe as promised, for grace's birthday dinner a few weeks ago, i made vegan pumpkin pie. my oldest niece is a vegan (and has been for the last few years... very impressive!) and when she kindly brought me back some canned pumpkin from the u.s., i decided it was only fair to ensure she had the change to enjoy pie with me!

the first issue i ran into was the fact that pumpkin pie requires condensed milk... which is, of course, milk. so i did some googling and discovered that there is a way to make condensed milk, without dairy. enter coconut condensed milk! i found the recipe here and made the honey version... perfect!

then a slightly modified version of my favourite pumpkin pie recipe from chowhound, replacing the butter with nuttelex and the egg with an egg substitute. the only issue was, that i had to cook it for a whole lot longer, i think it ended up being another half an hour from memory!

so. the verdict. it was not terrible. it was perfectly edible and my niece thought it was amazing and ate a huggggge piece. i also liked it fine, but i must admit, the crust wasn't as good as it is with butter and i missed the creaminess that comes from the milk in the filling. but it was good! and i would definitely make it again if she asked. so. if you're a vegan but not so into raw options, give it a go!

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