Friday, April 29, 2016

mandin family photos

last weekend, i finally got the chance to take photos of my friend kelly and her adorable family. her lovely husband organised for me to do it as a surprise gift for their sixth wedding anniversary. seriously... best gift, what better way to remember an ocassion than to have a billion photos of it. 

they have the most adorable kids too and we had the best time. i could barely stop laughing long enough to take the photos. 

cooper lane

savannah belle

samuel keith

i love this one of kelly and sam. so adorable ♥


baby sam and daddy

some leaf throwing fun

kelly and baby sam

all in!

family who play together, stay together...

and six years old, they are still loved up. brilliant!

this is without a doubt my favourite, i can't remember what ridiculousness i was yelling at them, but it clearly worked,,, hahah

best photo day. thank you mandins. love you! xxx

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