Sunday, April 17, 2016

kendall family photos

a few months ago i asked my friend jesse to take some photos for us, i really wanted some 10 year anniversary ones, but then it was hot and hot and more hot (i guess that's what happens when you try and organise photos in february/march) and they ended up not happening until two weeks ago...

but we had the best time, laughed and played and just generally loved. just the way that family photos should be. 

maddie was thrilled to bits to pose for the camera

and mess about with joseph

who was also full of smiles

i mean seriously look at these kids... who could possibly not love them?

it was so fun to have a turn in front of the camera instead of always being behind it and i am thrilled to bits with the photos that jesse got for us!

family photos always make me happy and this one takes the cake, maddie is such a crackup!

a little show pony, with the world at her feet ♥

she even managed to get a few pics of doug and i looking like we have this parenting thing down pat and even have time to act all loved up haha

i am so so lucky to have my family. a husband who loves me, despite all my quirks... and these crazy, beautiful kids who are all mine, forever! ♥

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