Friday, April 1, 2016

family who temple together...

today i had one of the most wonderful experiences of my adult life, getting to attend the temple with my entire family (other than one of my brothers who has been less active since his teenage years) all at once! i can't even adequately express the emotions i felt... but i really felt complete, to know i had been raised by such wonderful people, who remained strong in the gospel and instilled those same values in their children and to be there with my big brothers and their lovely wives who i adore. 

it was such an awesome realisation of eternal families and such peace to know that these are the people i will spend the eternities with. i feel so blessed and so grateful for the sacrifices my parents made, to ensure we would be together forever.

if you have never been to the temple with your entire family, please i encourage you to try and make it happen. this took so much scheduling and heaps of changes, but we made it happen and i am so glad we did! ♥

because you know what they say, "family who temple together, stay together" for eternity!

afterwards we hit up the local hungry jacks like a bunch of rowdy teenagers and had a feast. i am madly in love with this pic of my hilarious parents (you can see here i get my personality from my mother) with aaron and katja. we were so lucky to have dougs parents and dear friends of ours willingly watch our small children so we could all go together. 

oh oops another goodlet family selfie. how i love this crazy family of mine ♥

but most of all i love my doug. after snapping the family selfie, he did a few more of himself. what a crackup he is. 

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