Thursday, March 17, 2016

relief society birthday prep

we have our relief society birthday celebrations in a few weeks and being the additional meetings co-ordinator my planning for our high tea (involving a lot of hot chocolate and herbal tea of course) is in full swing... we are having a quiz on the evening and i thought i would pop it up here, in case any one wants to use it in the future. please feel free to send me an email (starsinourhearts @ or comment below if you'd like a pdf of the questions and answers emailed to you.

by the way, if you know all the answers (without googling them), i'll be super impressed!

1. In what year was the Relief Society founded?
2. What is the floral emblem of the Relief Society?
3. What colours are on the emblem?
4. What was the original name of the Relief Society?
5. What is the Relief Society motto?
6. Who is the current President of the Relief Society? 
7. What date was the Relief Society Founded?
8. How many dollars worth of gold did Joseph Smith give to the society to begin?
9. Who was the first president of the Relief Society?
10. In what year did the general women's broadcast become a biannual event?
11. Since the founding of the Relief Society, how many presidents have there been? 
12. With a 29 year effort, which Relief Society president served for the longest period of time? 
13. Name the three sisters who serve on the Relief Society Presidency of our ward? 
14. How many women were present at the first meeting of the Relief Society?
15. How many other women not in attendance were admitted membership that day that were not present? 
16. What hymn opened the first meeting of the Relief Society?
17. At the first meeting Emma Smith said the relief society was going to do something WHAT? 
18. There are now more than how many MILLION members of the Relief Society?
19. Where was the first meeting of the Relief Society held? 
20. At which age do the young women of the church join the relief society? 

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