Thursday, March 31, 2016

relief society birthday high tea

after weeks of preparation, begging and borrowing items from ward members, my personal collection and an insane amount from my lovely mother, we finally had our ward relief society birthday activity this evening, a beautiful high tea. oh the effort involved! tablecloths, chair covers, sashes, 52 vintage trios, bunting... and a photobooth. but it was so worth it, because it looked absolutely amazing! 

i had some amazing sisters from the ward give their time to assist in setting up and thankfully they even did little things that mean so much to making it look perfect, like moving all the unused chairs to another room... matching the sashes to ensure they were in a perfect order... and dealing with my never ending ocd to ensure it all looked perfect!

we used a vintage floral sheet that i picked up from an opshop last year for $1 for the photobooth backdrop, which fitted in so perfectly... i was thrilled to finally put it to good use, as i haven't actually even used it on my bed yet haha

each place had a quote about the relief society (printed at the local big w on photo paper) for the sisters to take home, a floral serviette (found at the local $2 store) and a trio for food and drinks

as the sisters arrived, we had them drop their food to the kitchen, so we could mix and match it all - ensuring that each seat had a variety of food available to them without getting up over and over.  we also had a quiz about the history of relief society on each chair (which you can find here!), so that they had something to do until the food came! we were also careful to pass a sign up sheet around the relief society a few weeks in a row prior to the evening to ensure that we didn't end up with all of the same food or too much sweet or savoury.

during the evening, we had the answers to the quiz and awarded a prize to the winner, then we had each sister stand and tell the room their name and one thing about themselves that others might not know. this is one of my favourite things to do... it's amazing the facts about ourselves we can come up with when we are put on the spot. mine was: hi my name is jade and i have been to over 600 funerals. true story. and i know it would definitely be more than that, but that is a safe number to go with. we also awarded a door prize, we had placed a sticker on the bottom of one of the cups and asked the sisters to find it. easy!

and then we had some fun with the photobooth... i've only popped up these two pics, because i don't think it's right to share pics of all the sisters in our ward without their permision, but these peeps with me here count as family, so i know i am safe...

it was such a fun night and a total success... so happy 174th birthday relief society. we love you!

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