Wednesday, March 30, 2016

grace's birthday

today another one of my nieces became a teenager (oh heck that makes me feel old...) miss grace goodlet! her parents (my brother and sister-in-law) invited us all over for dinner and dessert. mmmm cake! grace makes me laugh all the time, she is always on hand with a ridiculous you tube video, a smile and some funny remark. it is a constant joy to be her aunty! happy birthday grace!! ♥

we bought grace a waffle maker, which i had heard her wanting loudly at christmas time, but she hadn't actually been given one. this photo wasn't even staged, she was genuinely that excited by the waffle maker! haha

graces lucky number is 3 and conveniently she ended up with 3 cakes. what a birthday! lucky there was plenty of us to help eat them. donna made a flourless chocolate cake (on the left), mum made a apricot, almond and white chocolate cake (middle) and i made a vegan pumpkin pie. it wasn't bad, but i must admit that i prefer the milk version! (full review and recipe to come sometime in the future...)

grace and i

my brother aaron who is still here visiting from queensland, it's so good to have him here!

and my little boy whose selfie game is already strong at a young age. look at him working the camera ♥

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